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Sujan D.

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A Consultant & Freelancer & Trainer for programming base language C++ & aerospace design engineer on CFD(Computational Fluid Dynamics). Having programming experience for about more than 16 years & 3 years as design engineering for Aerospace in Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD) with CAD skills & Programming. Coding skills I got C/C++, OpenGL 2D 3D, Shaders, Qt, Qwt, VC++, MFC, Python, Pyside, for Windows, Linux and Mac also. Quite a good amount of experience is held in Android using Android NDK via Qt for Android. Few links of some of my apps as shown below. Apart from This my main stream is Aeronautical with CFD analysis & programming and CAD programming & CAE. Database I know as MySQL, SQL server for Microsoft Visual Studio VC++ and SQLite. I can handle any desktop apps, and Android apps. Some good exposure also I got on few opensource kits as OpenSceneGraph, OpenCascade & VTK for kernel library handling. Got skills on 1. Lagrange's polunomials and Domain Vertext methods for FEA programming, 2. Bezier curve fitting, B-splines and NURBS surface generation using C++ algorithms. 3. Grid generation in two ways, structured grid using elliptic, hyperbolic and parabolic algorithms and Unstructured grid generation using Delauny-Voronoi Method(DVM) and Advancing Frontal Method (AFM). 4. Adaptive grid generation for structured and unstructured using h, p, r, hp and hr methods. 5. Solvers using upwind schemes and Central discretization methods. I prefer to do any design or analysis with my own code, but I am familiar with few commercial and open source code as well, like Open-foam and designing tool Blender...

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Employee West Bengal, India

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