How to get Paid

What is Djobzy?

Djobzy is a gig-economy multi-streaming job search/recruitment platform that connects everyday people through short-term customized job placements either by offering their services to others or looking for any services. Here you can create a task out of anything in your mind to find individuals around you to come to offer a helping hand. Anyone with any talent, expertise or extra time willing to perform any legal services in their jurisdiction can apply to find employment or give jobs to other people.

How to Create an Account?

Account creation is free for anyone in any country. When you register on our platform, you will be given two accounts so you can employ others and get employed by others.

  1. Sign up in less than one minute. You can register with your Google or Facebook account.
  2. Pass through the first step of Verification, and your account will be created.
Who can be an Employer or an Employee?

We welcome all decent people with any expertise regardless of education or economic status, whether employed or unemployed, retired, students, housewives, highly qualified specialists or beginners, people who prefer to go out for work or work from their homes — basically almost anyone. What’s truly important is your ability to provide good performance as an employee as well as your ability to create good possibilities and terms as an employer. You can employ and be employed at any given time.

What is an Escrow Account?

An escrow is a transitional account that helps both an employer and an employee to secure their interests. When an employer hires someone, he pays in advance, and this money goes to an escrow account to be secured. If an employer confirms that the work is done successfully, Djobzy releases the money to an employee. If anything goes wrong, Djobzy mediates to make sure that the interests of both sides are met.

How does the Bidding work?

Employees can offer any price for a job they like, whether it is higher or lower. An Employer receives offers and chooses the most appropriate one considering parameters like a bidding price, a cover letter, a verification level, an average rating based on reviews.

How to Post a Job?

It takes around 2 minutes to create a job post.

  1. Go to your Employer’s account.
  2. Choose the Post a job button located in the header of our website.
  3. Put all your job details
  4. Click Publish.
How to Hire Someone?
  1. Create a Job Post.
  2. Wait to receive applications from people
    Send an invitation.
  3. Choose an employee you like, depending on rating, price and experience.
  4. You can negotiate or discuss any details related to the job through our platform’s chat.
  5. Click the Hire button.
How to Apply for a Job?

It takes around 2 minutes to apply for a job post.

  1. Go to your Employee’s account.
  2. Make sure your profile is updated.
  3. Search for a job through keywords.
  4. Select any job you like.
  5. Click Apply.
  6. Write an introduction letter, put your bid.
  7. Send your offer.
How to Earn on Djobzy?

Apply here for any job or task that you feel qualified for. Make sure you create a good employee’s profile by writing descriptions about your expertise, talents and services. Choose the right categories to increase your chances of being discovered by numerous employers. Get the job done successfully and get paid.

What types of services can I provide or request on Djobzy?

Djobzy makes any legal services in your jurisdiction possible. Anything that was in your mind before and you were the only person who could get it done now can be performed by a member of Djobzy for you. Djobzy can help you do things you either don’t have time, expertise, or willingness to perform with the help of an individual or a company around you. On Djobzy, you can provide a single service or multiple services combined into service packs.

How to Withdraw Money?
  1. Go to the Dashboard page.
  2. Click My Wallet.
  3. Select the amount you want to withdraw.
  4. Choose the withdrawal type.
  5. Input your Card ID.
  6. Click Request Withdraw.