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A successful and diverse career spanning over 25 years which I started as a management consultant at Bain & Company, learned the ropes inside a Fortune 500 company, founded and grew as CEO a SaaS marketing technology company, and then CRO at a global customer feedback platform that was acquired by a large US private equity firm. I have most recently joined a mental health technology innovator as CEO to help them accomplish their mission of helping millions of people lead happier and more productive lives by gaining access to affordable and effective digital Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. The consistent thread throughout my career is that I love to work with great people and to hone a cohesive vision around which a team can rally. The best idea or business concept does not go anywhere without a great team. I am a builder at my core - my passion is to fine tune an idea, package a concept and help to grow it into a thriving repeatable business. By listening to the market and taking a customer centric viewpoint, I help to make changes to the value proposition that drive both revenue, scalability, and long term profitability. I thrive when I am tackling challenges that others have deemed previously impossible or insurmountable. I love to challenge the status quo - especially where a new idea or business concept disrupts an existing industry to deliver new value to customers.

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