Talented people might not be rare, but the opportunities are. Well, here is our answer.

Wise men said that life is not fair sometimes, but it is even more saddening when we are presented with even fewer options. Regardless of how much we wanted, we can’t make life fair to everybody. However, inspired by these predicaments, we made our effort to do something about them, to make lives a little better. Now, at least the opportunities are more distributed.   Let’s take a look at some hypothetical anecdotes, shall we?   Scenario 1: Lost Aspiration Our suburban couple from Clayton, Missouri, is the Anderson family. Derek Anderson, the father of 2, had a fascination to be a Business Consultant, his friends often come over to him for suggestions in terms of their business, whether they change something in their existing business model or starting something new. Needless to say, Derek always finds some solutions for them. However, in his suburb, there was no business consultancy ...

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How to Get Verified in Djobzy

Though it is not super important to get verified right off the bat, it is helpful to be verified as it creates more credibility for the employer. Djobzy has a 7-level verification system. In this article, we will see how we can get verified, step by step. Let’s dive in. For your information, verifying up to Step 2 is mandatory; however, it is strongly recommended to verify all the way till step 7. As you go through the verification steps, you will find that the verification steps are the process to verify yourself and the way of completing your Djobzy profile. Step 1: After email verification, when you log into Djobzy, the verification will start. As the first step, you have to pick a Username here. Please note that any special character except Underscore ( _ ) is not allowed in the username. After you choose your unique username, proceed ...

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How to Post a Job on Djobzy

How to Post a Job on Djobzy You’ve created a Djobzy account, and now you are ready to get to work. In this article, we’ll go through the seven steps needed to post a job on Djobzy.  Title and Description Categories Details of Contract Attachments Duration of Contract Budget Reviewing and Publishing   7 steps to post a job To start, log in to your Djobzy account. On your home page, you will two options to create a job, ‘Post a Job’ and ‘Start a New Job’, you can use either one.    After clicking either one of two buttons, you will be taken to the job creation page where you may start creating your job post. You may see a pop-up like the one shown below, asking you to either Use a Template or Start a New Job.  A Template is something you can use to post similar jobs ...

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