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How To Grow Your Career With Djobzy

The modern world is changing fast. The same goes for career paths!  People got employed in one company in the traditional career path and stayed there until retirement. The most ambitious ones could climb the corporate ladder, get promoted, and acquire bonuses and a better pension in the end, but that was it. There was nothing beyond that.  Today we are experiencing a flexible, nonlinear career path. Most people nowadays change their workplace several times, putting an emphasis on experiences and learning new things. Stagnation and routine are out. The flexible job market is becoming the new normal.  One huge aspect of this new trend is the gig economy. In the gig economy, temporary, flexible jobs are common, and you can hire or get hired for basically anything! Djobzy implements this concept and aims to promote it on a global scale, not just for jobs in the USA and Canada.  ...

How-To Guides

How to Hire on Djobzy

Meet the new working-class norm: the gig economy! Featuring freelancers from all over the world, this trend has boomed in the recent period, and it’s predicted that it will continue to soar in the years to come. According to Forbes, the gig economy has increased by 33% in 2020, and it is predicted that by 2027, about half of the U.S. population will be engaged in it! Pretty impressive, isn’t it? If you have a one-time project, or perhaps you can’t afford to hire a full-time employee, now is the perfect time to grab the opportunity and hire your next freelancer on Djobzy! You can choose between all kinds of online or offline work, according to your needs and preferences. Stay with us and learn how to hire your next best employee within minutes!   Become a Djobzy Employer!  If you want to hire on Djobzy, you have to register here. ...


How To Find Employees Abroad With Djobzy

A couple of decades ago, employers and business owners had only two options for recruiting: word of mouth or newspaper job ads. However, today the game rules are completely different: the new technologies have improved not only our quality of life in general but also have established a new recruiting standard - hiring employees and talented professionals from all around the world. A perfect solution for the rising unemployment and labor shortage, telecommuting has taken the world by storm in recent years and it will only expand in the years to come. It enables you to find a top-skilled freelancer or employees who would perform a stellar job at a much affordable rate than the ones in your home country.  A huge number of private businesses, SME’s and even giant corporations like Microsoft, Amazon, Nestle, or Google have embraced talented freelancers and given them a chance to demonstrate their skills ...

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