Top 3 Anti-Stress Tips For Your Job Interview

When looking for a Job, the interview process is what we prepared for the most, aside from looking good in our OOTD. We are often ask ourselves: What if my answers are wrong? What if I fail to express the right answers? Am I ready for all the probable questions? Sometimes we get shattered and lost for words at the moment. Whenever we think about it, we feel the anxiety burning inside us. Don’t worry, here are the top 3 tips that will make you lessen some anxiety and to help you land that perfect job that you dream of. This can help reduce any feeling of stress that might arise about the interview and ensure that you arrive at the meeting or a video call calm and prepared to speak. Make a Research As the saying goes, “Don’t go into war unprepared”. Spend time thoroughly looking at the company, ...


10 Freelance Jobs With No Experience Required

Freelancing is changing the future of work, and the world as we know it for the better. Not so long ago, students, undergraduates or stay-at-home parents couldn’t even dream of landing a well-paid job if they don’t have a couple of years of work experience under their belt. If you’ve never entered the workforce, it was pretty challenging to get any job at all.  But the times change. And change can be good. Enter the post-pandemic era, where anything is possible with freelancing: you can work even if you’re a complete beginner, and start earning right away. One of the biggest benefits of freelancing is that you can work globally on your own schedule. And nowadays, you don’t even need to be super experienced: all you need is a laptop, headphones and a reliable internet connection. In this article, we’ll highlight the 10 best freelance jobs you can get immediately, ...


8 Highest-Paying Freelance Jobs In 2022

Flexibility. Limitless potential for earning. Working on your terms. These are just some of the most well-known freelancing perks. Whether you’re just venturing out on your freelance journey, or you’re an experienced freelance pro, you know that the global gig marketplace changes fast: new jobs emerge constantly, and some jobs which were so lucrative yesterday now aren’t relevant anymore.  So, stay tuned, cause in this article we’ll highlight the most profitable in-demand freelance jobs for 2022, where you can easily earn six figures annually if you’re persistent, talented, and willing to learn and go with the flow.  Web Developer  Do you love creating websites? Are you good at programming and coding? Then you may become the next web developer superstar. Some of them create websites from scratch, others update older websites that need to be revamped and refreshed.  You don’t need any formal qualifications to do this, but some real essential programming ...

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