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Looking for Gift Ideas? Here are Some Best Gift Ideas.

What can you buy for your freelancer friend as a holiday or as a birthday gift? Guess no more, we are going to give you ten ideas for a useful gift with a budget from $5 to $250.


1. Standing desk and standing mat

As people sit all day leaning toward the computer screen, spinal problems are prevalent. Specialists suggest it would be wise for people to stand while working. Therefore, it is an intelligent choice. Pretty much all the standing desks have adjustable options, so you can’t go wrong.

With a standing desk, you can incorporate a standing mat. A standing mat is basically a mat to stand on, which spares you the discomfort of standing on a hard floor. It is particularly helpful in relatively wintry places where it may protect their feet from getting cold. If you want to go up a notch, you can buy an anti-fatigue standing mat, which comes with a bunch of pretty color options.

Approximate average price: —Standing Desk and mat is around $250


2. White Noise Machine

Unwanted sounds can be disturbing, it breaks our concentration. If your friend lives in a noisy area where random background sound is a common event, a white noise machine can be a game changer. It can also be helpful if your friend has trouble sleeping, it helps masking environmental or outside noises. White noise may not only help to fall asleep but also stay asleep at night. White noise can also be helpful for people who need to sleep during the day after working the night shift or live with housemates on different sleeping schedules.
Approximate average price: —$50


3. Calendar or Planner

A calendar or agenda may be a very functional tool for those people who still like to note things down on paper. It can be used as a reminder of meeting schedules, publishing planning, and to mark important dates. Overall, as an organizing tool, this can make life easier. There are many varieties of this in terms of shapes, sizes, and colors. A color pen can be a nice touch to go with it.
Approximate average price: $5


4. Webcam

For freelancers or working-from-home professionals, it is a must-have. A decent quality webcam is desired for remote presentations, video calls, meetings, etc. Blurry or poor-quality webcams can make poor impressions. Therefore, it can be considered as a practical and nice gift. If your friend has a desktop and has no webcam yet, look no further, this is the way to go. There are many options to choose from, webcams with built-in light are also available.

Approximate average price: —$40 to $50


5. Noise Canceling Headsets

Quality headphones are crucial for freelancers, whether working from home or on the road. While some people like listening to music while working, a decent microphone and headphones are also necessary for calls with clients. Additionally, the freedom to switch noise canceling on or off is one of my favorite features. This is useful for situations when I want to be out of home but can't concentrate at a noisy coffee shop.

Approximate average price: —$150 to $200


6. Lights

As we mentioned before, video calling and meetings hold importance, a well-lit environment is something you should take into consideration. There are different aspects of lighting, such as lighting for the face, for the background, for the effects, etc. On the very base level, you can pick ring lights which are used to cast lights on one’s face. If you are feeling thoughtful, you can pick background lights to provide an aesthetic touch to the ambiance. Either way, you can’t go wrong with lights.

Approximate average price: —$25 to $30


7. Laptop Bags/Cases

One of the biggest perks of working remotely is the flexibility in terms of place. Your work can move with you wherever you go. To provide protection for your friend’s laptop, a nice carrying case or bag would be an amazing gift.  It also helps to keep things organized on the go. There are too many options to choose from, personally, I would suggest you go for waterproof ones. Don’t forget to check the size of the device you are buying the case for.

Approximate average price: —$50


8. Cable Tidies 

Ugh! You know it, cables are messy. Although we have reduced the quantity of the cable by using some wireless devices, most of the tools and devices are still wired. In-home offices, cables may take up a lot of space, and keeping them organized can be a challenge. That’s why having cable tidies is very convenient.

Approximate average price: —$10


9. Second Monitor 

A second monitor can be an incredible gift for freelancers who work in Graphic Design, Web Development, and Sales. Many businesses are now requesting remote workers to have two monitors due to the enormous value they can provide. It may enhance their creative output and the effectiveness of the service they are providing. Psst, it will also enhance the gaming experience.

Approximate average price: —$200

10. Pets

This one is a little different than the rest, isn’t it? I personally picked this because I am a remote employee too. I know how lonely it can get sometimes sitting in front of the monitor all day, a pet is always there and ready for a quick cuddle. Also, pets actually make you go out; you can get a little time off and absorb the sunshine or perhaps a therapeutic walk. Therefore, a pet can help your friend’s mental and physical well-being. Here, perhaps, it is more important to agree before making such a gift.



I hope you were able to pick one or some gifts for your friend from this list, or, maybe, for yourself. I wish you great holidays with your friends and family. Good luck! 



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