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How to Post a Job on Djobzy

How to Post a Job on Djobzy

You’ve created a Djobzy account, and now you are ready to get to work. In this article, we’ll go through the seven steps needed to post a job on Djobzy. 

  • Title and Description
  • Categories
  • Details of Contract
  • Attachments
  • Duration of Contract
  • Budget
  • Reviewing and Publishing


7 steps to post a job

To start, log in to your Djobzy account. On your home page, you will two options to create a job, ‘Post a Job’ and ‘Start a New Job’, you can use either one. 


After clicking either one of two buttons, you will be taken to the job creation page where you may start creating your job post. You may see a pop-up like the one shown below, asking you to either Use a Template or Start a New Job. 

A Template is something you can use to post similar jobs over and over again. If you have posted jobs on Djobzy before, Templates will give you the structures of the previous jobs. You can customize any template you need and create a new job post easily. 

However, assuming that this is going to be the first job post on Djobzy, we will start with a clean slate. Let’s begin, shall we? 

Step 1: Title and Description

Cross off the pop-up and you will see the boxes asking for a title and a description of your job. 

Start with the title. A clear title makes it easier for professionals to easily decide whether they can deliver what you need.  

  • You may include the category of the professionals of your need and the goals/deliverables of the project/job (i.e. Translator needed to translate 40k words from Japanese to English, Nanny needed for 9-year old toddler for 1 week, etc.)

For the description, write a brief detail of the job, and other information you think is important to inform. 

After completing your Title and Description, scroll down and click the Next button. 


2. Categories

On the next page, you will be asked to choose a category. 


Djobzy has more than 50 categories (which consist of 1200+ sub-categories) to help you perfectly classify your job. We encourage you to scroll a little and roam around to see what categories we have designed for you. You can either choose the category by scrolling and finding; or search for a category in the search bar at the top.
Once you have selected the category, scroll all the way down the page and click the Next button.


3. Details of Contract

Everything in this section is optional, however, it can help to clarify your job post.



Write the requirements of your need. It would be helpful if you include:

Essential skills for the job (i.e. Full-stack web development, Photoshop CC specialist, etc.)

If you want any specific language for a job (for instance, translation jobs), you can write the language name in the Add Language box. Also, you can specify the level of fluency in the Add Level (you can either select Basic, Medium, or Fluent).

As for the Address box, you can specify an address if the job requires a location (e.g. Driver, Nanny service). To include an address in your job, just start writing the address, you will get autofill suggestions in a matter of seconds, then select the address. 

When you are done, click the Next button at the bottom of the page. 


4.  Attachments

Let’s imagine you need an Architecture to design something but you have already created some initial designs and you want to discuss those or build the design upon the initial ideas. How can you show the ideas you put down already? That’s where the Attachment section comes in, you can upload your MS word/Pdf/Image files here so the potential employee can see and have a lucid idea of what you need.
Also, note that the attachments are optional. If you don’t have anything to attach, don’t worry at all. However, if you attach something, please mention that in the job description so the applicants may check out your files prior to applying. 


Once you are done with the Attachments section, click the Next button at the bottom of the page.


5. Duration of Contract

This section is all about time. You can select either Short-term (less than 10 days) or Long-term (more than 10 days). For the Short-term, you will get the options to select from 1 day or less, 1-7 days, or any custom number of days of your liking. For Long-term jobs, you will get the options to select from 1 month or less, 1-3 months, or any custom number of months of your liking. Pretty straightforward. 

Click the Next button at the bottom of the page when you are done.


6. Budget

Aha! The money part! 

It can seem a little unintuitive at first glance, but it is pretty easy to understand. Let me explain, if you want to hire an employee based on an hourly rate, use the Hourly Rate box (mostly used for long-term jobs), then in the Fixed Rate box, put the total offering of the job. We will calculate the hours needed to complete the job based on the inputs. 

Or, if you want to hire an employee based on a fixed amount, use the Fixed Rate box, put what is the hourly rate is going to be. We will calculate the hours needed to complete the job based on the inputs. 

You can use Ranges if you are not sure. Also, you can change your bid later as well.

When you are done, click the Next button at the bottom of the page.


7. Reviewing and Publishing

In this very last stage, you are going to review and see whether everything is alright. 

When you are done checking, go to the bottom of the page, submit the captcha (only a checkbox saying “I’m not a robot”), and then click on the Publish button… and voila! Your job is posted. 

Now it’s time to wait till the potential employees start submitting their proposals/applications to your job.



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