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How To Find Employees Abroad With Djobzy

A couple of decades ago, employers and business owners had only two options for recruiting: word of mouth or newspaper job ads. However, today the game rules are completely different: the new technologies have improved not only our quality of life in general but also have established a new recruiting standard - hiring employees and talented professionals from all around the world. A perfect solution for the rising unemployment and labor shortage, telecommuting has taken the world by storm in recent years and it will only expand in the years to come. It enables you to find a top-skilled freelancer or employees who would perform a stellar job at a much affordable rate than the ones in your home country.  A huge number of private businesses, SME’s and even giant corporations like Microsoft, Amazon, Nestle, or Google have embraced talented freelancers and given them a chance to demonstrate their skills ...


Tips for Hiring Your First Employee on Djobzy

Welcome to the world of online recruitment – super easy, convenient, and fast! Finding and hiring new talent for your projects has never been easier. Furthermore, choosing the right employee can do wonders for your business and significantly boost your profit!  But how do you start with online hiring and how to find your first employees on Djobzy? It can be a bit stressful, especially if you’re a new employer. As they say, the beginning is often the hardest, but with these hiring tips, it doesn’t have to be so! Stick to these rules and you’ll be able to find the best employee for you and establish a long and successful mutual collaboration. Know Your Stuff Before you start looking for employees, you have to outline all the details of your project. What’s the timeframe, the scope of work, and your budget? How much will your hourly rate and fixed ...


The Future of Hiring

When you need to hire someone I bet you expect to do it as quickly and efficiently as possible. From the side of your potential employee, the picture is the same — no one wants to spend months pounding the pavement for work. Despite the abundance of recruiting agencies out there, we still have a huge amount of good professionals struggling to find a job they looking for, and thousands of companies hiring managers spending months looking for them. It seems like people just can’t find each other. What’s wrong here and is there any solution? The first problem here is the uncertainty that both sides meet. It is quite difficult to predict in advance whether an employee will cope with his duties, even if he has provided excellent references and his resume is packed with achievements. Because of that a company’s HR managers usually try to draw as many ...

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