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Top 4 Video Meeting Applications

As working from home increases in popularity, job holders, project managers, and freelancers have to join meetings for submitting reports and conducting strategic discussions or brainstorming sessions. There are many apps to choose from. How to find the best one? Here, we are going to discuss the 4 best conferencing apps that we’ve found.   Skype Skype is a service that allows users to make free video calls to other Skype accounts. Free instant messages and file sharing are also allowed. You can have a group meeting with your colleagues and present anything through the screen-sharing feature.  This makes it much simpler to conduct discussions, create individual impacts, and deliver information in a more memorable manner. It has a recording feature that can be used for recording meetings whenever you are having a call. For the free version, recordings are available for up to 30 days. Availability: Desktop computer and ...

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Video Recording Tools for Everyone

It is often better to share a video recording rather than explaining complex things verbally or in writing. Video allows a demonstration of all the details. Here, we are going to discuss browser extensions for your computer screen video recording & sharing. Let’s get started.   Loom With the aid of the screen recorder called Loom, you can create brief video messages that you may send to your colleagues. Record your website tours, software instructions, interviews, and much more with Loom. Your colleagues just need to open the link that you send and watch your recording, no sign-up hassles for them. Browser Extension: Available for all the latest versions of major web browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Brave, Firefox, etc. Recording Types: Camera + Screen, Screen only, Camera only. Pricing: Loom has a free version for personal use; however, it is limited to 5 minutes maximum for every video up ...

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How To Grow Your Career With Djobzy

The modern world is changing fast. The same goes for career paths!  People got employed in one company in the traditional career path and stayed there until retirement. The most ambitious ones could climb the corporate ladder, get promoted, and acquire bonuses and a better pension in the end, but that was it. There was nothing beyond that.  Today we are experiencing a flexible, nonlinear career path. Most people nowadays change their workplace several times, putting an emphasis on experiences and learning new things. Stagnation and routine are out. The flexible job market is becoming the new normal.  One huge aspect of this new trend is the gig economy. In the gig economy, temporary, flexible jobs are common, and you can hire or get hired for basically anything! Djobzy implements this concept and aims to promote it on a global scale, not just for jobs in the USA and Canada.  ...

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