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How-To Guides

Step by step guide on how to hire on Djobzy

To hire anybody, you need to have an account, obviously. Moreover, you need to have a posted job. With that being said, let’s get to hiring. Step 1. Check Employee’s Applications When someone applies to your job, you receive a notification and an email indicating that. You can also see all the applicants on your job post page. Take a thorough look at the Employees’ Introduction Letter and the offered Bid amount. To know more about the applicants, you can check their profiles. They should have their expertise and experience detailed in their profile. Feel free to ask questions to your potential employee via Djobzy Chat. Step 2. Payment Once you make your mind on whom to hire from the multiple candidates, simply click the “Pay and Hire” button to make the payment. On the Payment Page page: Select your preferred payment method. You can use a Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, ...

How-To Guides

How to apply for a job on Djobzy

If you registered on Djobzy primarily to find work, you should have a complete profile. For your information, a complete profile looks engaging to the hiring managers or employers. If you do not have a complete profile yet, please see here how you can improve your profile.  To apply for a job, you need to first find a job that matches your expertise and skills. On Djobzy, you can find jobs in three ways. Hover on “Find Jobs” from the menus listed at the top and explore   Use the search box at the top: You can type your request and find the types of  jobs you are looking for. In addition, you can also search for jobs by category.   Advanced Search: Here, you can write the names of jobs you want to find in exact words, select the category, desired hourly price and the location. Don’t forget to ...

How-To Guides

How to Promote Your Job on Djobzy

Promoting a job post provides better visibility to the potential employees as it will be placed at the top of the job finding page. In addition, your job can be visible to a larger pool of candidates. Meaning, it will increase your chances of finding the perfect fit for your task. Without further ado, let’s see how you can promote your job on Djobzy. There are 3 places where you can do it: Place 1 When creating a job post and hitting the Publish button, you will see the following pop-up with the “Promote this Job” option. If you don’t have a posted job yet, please check this article to see how you can create a job post on Djobzy. Place 2  On your employer profile’s Home page, on the right-bottom side of any job post you have published already, you also have the “Promote” button.   Place 3 The ...

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