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  • Translation of 1000 words from English to German

    Total Price: 60.00

    Hourly Rate: 20.00-30.00

    time-icon Expected Hours: 3

    bid-icon Bids: 2

    Approximately 1k words need to be translated from English to German. Medical translation, so a little experience is required.

    Rakib H Ovi
    rating-icon 5.0 / 5
  • Check & Edit an Article

    Total Price: 15.00

    Hourly Rate: 5.00-7.00

    time-icon Expected Hours: 3

    bid-icon Bids: 1


    Hi there! I would like to find a person who could edit an article. The article is an interview  given ...

    Valerie Losevicheva
    rating-icon 0 / 5
  • Grammar/Editor/English Tutor

    Total Price: 40.00

    Hourly Rate: 20.00

    time-icon Expected Hours: 2

    bid-icon Bids: 1


    I need someone to edit a couple of essays for me and help with grammar.  

    Zahra Sabet
    rating-icon 0 / 5
  • Social Media Marketing

    Total Price: 150.00

    Hourly Rate: 5.00

    time-icon Expected Hours: 30

    bid-icon Bids: 6

    We are Djobzy, and you haven't heard about us because we wanted to keep our project a good secret before ...

    rating-icon 5.0 / 5
  • Looking for a gutter cleaner

    Total Price: 120.00

    Hourly Rate: 25.00-30.00

    time-icon Expected Hours: 5

    bid-icon Bids: 2

    Vancouver, BC, Canada

    I'm looking for someone who could come and clean our gutters and roof on a regular basis from October to ...

    Reza Taleb
    rating-icon 4.8 / 5
  • Legal Assistant

    Total Price: 200.00

    Hourly Rate: 20.00

    time-icon Expected Hours: 10

    bid-icon Bids: 3


    We are looking for an individual who is efficient and comfortable being a member of a team. Main Duties: Drafting ...

    rating-icon 4.8 / 5
  • TV & Radio Show Host / Connector

    Total Price: 2000.00

    Hourly Rate: 50.00

    time-icon Expected Hours: 40

    bid-icon Bids: 1

    Vancouver, BC, Canada

    Hi, my name is Rozita (Rose). I’m a TV and Radio show host performed few variety shows, live radio programs and business events in Vancouver, ...

    Rozita Rahmatpour
    rating-icon 0 / 5
  • I Need a Cleaner regularly for my houses

    Total Price: 80.00

    Hourly Rate: 25.00

    time-icon Expected Hours: 3

    bid-icon Bids: 1

    933 Melbourne Ave, North Vancouver, BC V7R 1N8, Canada

    If you are an experienced cleaner or a cleaning company who could come and clean my houses after my gatherings ...

    Mehdi Russel
    rating-icon 0 / 5
  • Clean the house and pick child up from school

    Total Price: 100.00

    Hourly Rate: 25.00

    time-icon Expected Hours: 4

    bid-icon Bids: 3

    Atwater Village, Los Angeles, CA, USA

    Do a vacuum, mop, and dusting of living room and bedrooms. Clean bathrooms and kitchen. Pick child up from school ...

    Andrew Ayres
    rating-icon 0 / 5
  • looking for a content writer

    Total Price: 300.00

    Hourly Rate: 3.00-10.00

    time-icon Expected Hours: 46

    bid-icon Bids: 13

    Hello guys we are looking for a content writer. with good writing skill research experience in blog/article

    rating-icon 5.0 / 5