Remote Receptionist

Nowadays, people prefer to work from home. Why not look for remote jobs as they are highly in demand these days. You can be Remote Customer service and meanwhile do your freelance jobs like IT or UX Design.

  • dog walker

    Fixed Rate:: 9

    Hourly Rate:: 3

    Stockholm, Sverige

    am looking for a dog lover to help managing the high energy level of my beloved german shorthaired pointer Rosie. ...

    Reza Moshar
    0 / 5
  • Clean the house and pick child up from school

    Fixed Rate:: 100

    Hourly Rate:: 25

    Atwater Village, Los Angeles, CA, USA

    Do a vacuum, mop, and dusting of living room and bedrooms. Clean bathrooms and kitchen. Pick child up from school ...

    Andrew Ayres
    0 / 5
  • I Need a Cleaner regularly for my houses

    Fixed Rate:: 80

    Hourly Rate:: 25

    933 Melbourne Ave, North Vancouver, BC V7R 1N8, Canada

    If you are an experienced cleaner or a cleaning company who could come and clean my houses after my gatherings ...

    Mehdi Russel
    0 / 5
  • TV Host/ Event Planner/ Organizer

    Fixed Rate:: 2000

    Hourly Rate:: 50

    Hi, my name is Rose. I’m a TV program host who produces variety shows and hosts business events in Vancouver, ...

    Rozita Rahmatpour
    0 / 5
  • Legal Assistant

    Fixed Rate:: 200

    Hourly Rate:: 20


    We are looking for an individual who is efficient and comfortable being a member of a team. Main Duties: Drafting ...

    4.7 / 5
  • Looking for a designer 2

    Fixed Rate:: 100

    Hourly Rate:: 12-16

    Tbilisi, Georgia

    Looking for a designer

    Mariam Jijavadze
    0 / 5
  • Looking for a gutter cleaner

    Fixed Rate:: 120

    Hourly Rate:: 25-30

    Vancouver, BC, Canada

    I'm looking for someone who could come and clean our gutters and roof on a regular basis from October to ...

    Reza Taleb
    4.7 / 5
  • I Need a Gardener for my House

    Fixed Rate:: 80

    Hourly Rate:: 20-27

    930 Eyremount Dr, West Vancouver, BC V7S 2B3, Canada

    Please let me know if you are interested in coming to do gardening for us, once or twice a month

    Reza Taleb
    4.7 / 5