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Brandon Waselnuk

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Brandon is the CEO and co-founder of Codex, a devtool and local first solution that enables just-in-time documentation for deep collaboration wherever you work. From your IDE, like VSCode, to email. When you’re working and think “what the #$@%!? does this code block do?” Codex let’s you request context with a hotkey (or click if you're into that). It then determines the best person to respond and stores their answer for other team members to access later, all automatically and directly on the code block. Let us handle your git blame sleuthing. Previously a Partner and Co-Founder of Dignified, an Agency building digital products for bootstrapped to Fortune 250 companies, as well as Venture Capital with CoVenture in NYC, Founder of a venture backed startup, and Senior Product Management and Leadership based roles in small to very large organizations. Always trying to help scale new founders and entrepreneurs via two podcast: How to build a company from nothing and a live podcast of my brother and I talking about the real day to day problems of scaling our companies. With a background in Entrepreneurship, Business marketing, strategy, and investment he consistently pushes himself to grow and learn. Also a big supporter of volunteerism and charity he spends time working on large scale issues in the social sector such as; youth unemployment, feeding children, and mental health.

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