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Doing business today is more than just a fight to gain market share. Its about having a lasting impression on people. Doing something big is making something small enough that anyone can understand and its success is taking chances not risks. Finding and leading smart people to build real tangible and functional ideas is a big part of the dreams that lead to success. Entrepreneurs need to be gurus and instigators of revolution and understand the whims of the daily realities of life, its culture, and it's always solvable problems.. Constantly shaping the plastic model of business is an ever changing philosophy of fortune telling, and the lifeblood of success. This is where I excelled as an enthusiastic resourceful instigator of ideas with a talent and expertise for Business Startups, Marketing and Advertising. Starting at an early age I have always been able to identify opportunities in business by creating unique and notorious businesses that have insighted revolution and a lasting impression. At the age of 23 I took on the largest Union in Canada, the largest Transportation company in the world, and the federal government. Through sheer passion, persistence and perseverance I was able to make a success of each battle and leave a lasting impression. I have taken on big challenges and big players and have always found my way to building a new reality in an old stale market of the unremarkable. Being fluent in English, French and Spanish has only made it easier to expand on my reach and understanding of the world and how to create success in its many business and cultural environments. Focused on service, transportation, and hospitality I gained a wealth of experience at a young age in venture startups, marketing, branding, advertising, media/PR, and business development in general. I am fuelled by passion and love to instigate success in any setting.

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