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At Flax Labs, we’re taking a look at E-commerce through a different lens. Think, Billy Beane’s mindset in 2002, when he created the Oakland Athletics team that won 20 consecutive games. The A’s success came from focusing on the stats that mattered. We’ve created a “Laboratory,” a mechanism that optimizes and improves Ecom businesses by taking a scientific, hypothesis-testing approach to marketing, operating, and scaling a digital company. By focusing on a few key metrics within your store, you can create a baseline to be referenced for future testing. These metrics are: 1) Conversion Rate (CVR): Your conversion rate typically affects your bottom line even more than your top line. While a 50% conversion rate increase results in a 50% revenue increase, it might also cause a 70% profit increase. 2) Average Order Value (AOV): Want to succeed in Ecom? Increase your AOV. Average order values under $50 are notoriously difficult to scale with, so test price points, upsells, and higher ticket products in order to increase your AOV and scale faster. 3) Lifetime Value (LTV): A high lifetime value allows you to justify having a higher CPA. If each new customer generates $670 profit/year, you’d still be profitable spending $100 to acquire them if they only spent $80. LTV is improved by strong branding, multiple SKUs, and high-quality products/services. Our pay-for-results service involves: -Auditing your entire business. We get an understanding of your entire Ecom operations to identify weaknesses that will prevent scaling. -System upgrades. Creating systemized processes for your backend that will allow us to advertise with greater profitability. -Website development. You can always be optimizing for CVR, AOV, and LTV. We make sure your entire website is constantly being improved, by diving into your analytics and split-testing website changes frequently. -Paid Advertising on all platforms. We advertise for our clients on all platforms, allocating budgets to the top-performing platforms to allow for faster scaling. If you’d like 30 minutes of free consulting from me and my team, or if you’d like to find out more about our “Laboratory,” then copy this link into your browser to book a call:

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