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Airam E. Cordido is a Venezuelan-French-American Translator-Interpreter / Project Manager / Fixer / Producer / Designer / Entrepreneur, living in Los Angeles for the past 7 years, with significant international film & business experience and a financing background. She was born in Caracas, Venezuela on November 9, 1974 into a well-known revolutionary family. At the age of six, Airam moved to Limoges, France where her mother completed her French graduate and post-graduate diplomas in Fine Arts. She grew-up in France spending all her summer holidays in Caracas nourishing her love for Venezuela. She studied Economy, Banking and Finance and Spanish at Paris X University where she graduated with a Master’s Degree. She interrupted her classes for a year that she decided to spend in Venezuela when she learned her paternal grandmother was dying of leukemia. She then went back to France after being accepted at the Sorbonne University and later graduated with a post-graduated diploma in Finance with a specialization in Iberian and Latin-American Markets in 2000. Upon graduation, Airam worked in Paris for two French international banks, the Credit Lyonnais and the Société Générale, in the finance department – mostly in derivatives stock options. Although her job was interesting and gave her a lot of exposure to the business world, she realized that her motivation in life was different than most of the people with whom she was working. Airam applied to a one year production program in the French film school l’Institut International de l’Image et du Son in Paris. She even got a 22,000 Euros grant from the government so she could attend and complete the program. She learned a lot about producing films and she was ready to begin a new journey. In 2003 she decided to pass the exam for Translation & Interpreting while in Caracas where she attended the UCV 1-year program. This was the beginning of her 2nd professional carreer.

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