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Carolina Loureiro In British Columbia, Canada

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Office administrator with strong communication and organizational skills. I am passionate about developing my career in Vancouver within organizations that make me feel motivated and challenged to grow and get out of my comfort zone.With more than 10 years of experience in customer service management and over 5 years of experience in finance, I am very focused on providing friendly assistance to people from diverse cultures and backgrounds; having cross-cultural intelligence is crucial since I truly believe in team-playing as a performance booster. During my professional path, I acquired an excellent understanding of how businesses strategize and function within domestic and international markets, as well as achieved a solid understanding of accounting and financial principles. • Passionate about meeting client needs and increasing customer engagement • Excellent at providing assertive leadership to people from diverse cultures and backgrounds, with team management skills • Comfortable at communicating with a wide range of people, with expertise in sales, operations and the finest customer service

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Employee British Columbia, Canada

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