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She/Her/Hers - Double-vaccinated Three things about me: Fierce Self-knowledge - A fierce understanding of who I am, my innate drivers, orientations, preferences, skills and how I express them all in a way that fills me. Beginner’s Mind - A willingness to embrace continuous learning and growth and never defaulting to the assumption that I’ve done the work, paid the dues, learned what’s necessary and that’s enough. Hyper-Agility - The ability to make quick, well-aligned decisions , so that the learning I’ll be expected to do to get up to speed in my current or future projects comes from a place that is the purest expression of my deeper drivers of meaning, purpose, engagement and joy. Over 20 years experience. PROJECT MANAGEMENT • Initiated provincial sporting oversight body, including organizing funding and expenditure, and facilitating cross-Canada training and ideas sharing for the sport. • Led 6-person team through life cycle of research call for proposals; evaluated applications for completeness, compliance and relevance to Station mandates. • Supervised recruitment, training and staffing of over 400 volunteers, and constructed detailed execution plan, including project timeline, preliminary cost estimate, and preliminary staffing schedule. • Led and directed activities to establish processes to support research workshop organizers. ADMINISTRATION • Project Support for Engineers in Building Acoustics, Loads & Effects and Building Sciences. • Manage Office Operations. • Oversaw and managed database and website content. • Supervised and coordinated preparation of traditional and electronic publishing. • Design system and process modifications to increase productivity. • Prepared budgets and reported outcome and rationale to funding agencies. • Coordinated and managed program evaluation and administration.

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