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Shelagh Donnelly, professional trainer and speaker

In British Columbia, Canada

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When it comes to selecting a trainer or speaker, what are you looking for? 🔹 Could your assistants benefit from working with someone who walked their walk for almost three decades, and who also has experience as a corporate trainer? 🔹 Do you want someone whose expertise, humour and pragmatism earn the trust of assistants, employers and conference organizers? 🔹 Are you looking for results when it comes to change .. resilience … virtual, hybrid and in person meeting best practices … minutes... leadership … communications … motivation … onboarding … enhanced acumen, including ESG, risk management, strategic planning … project management ... cybersecurity … governance? 🔹 Are you planning a conference, and looking for a trainer with whom participants will connect as she inspires and delivers? Do you want someone who is consistently booked for return engagements, reflecting participants’ evaluations? 🔹 Are you done with bullet point presentations? Would you like to work with a trainer whose presentations are both content- and image-rich, designed to engage and inspire? 🔹 Could you benefit from retaining someone who designs and delivers training based on formal education in adult learning, in addition to ongoing research and firsthand experience? 🔹 Do you need someone who’s happy to present and motivate in person and online? SHELAGH IS ALL THIS, AND MORE: Her uncommon career path is part of what makes her an in demand trainer and speaker. Professional, relatable and expert at what she does, Shelagh’s approach benefits assistants and employers alike. SHE'S WALKED THE WALK: Shelagh began her assistant career supporting C-level executives, and then became a trainer within the same corporation. A family and a relocation saw her return to the assistant career, starting all over again as an on call employee in the public sector. She wrapped up her office career in 2018, after a decade supporting a board of directors. SHELAGH HAS LED FROM INFLUENCE AS WELL AS AUTHORITY: Shelagh has led staff teams. She’s launched and co-launched networks, and chaired a national board of directors. Having been a direct report to four CEOs and other senior executives, and directly accountable to four board chairs, she’s also exercised influence without authority. SHE UNDERSTANDS CHANGE, AND HELPS ASSISTANTS NAVIGATE IT: Shelagh understands how to navigate, survive and thrive in times of uncertainty and change. Her successful career spanned a corporate merger, economic recessions, the dissolution of one institution, and helping establish the culture of its successor.

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Employee British Columbia, Canada

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