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Established in 2008, is. Salon has been dedicated to the art of hairdressing and a commitment to providing an exceptional experience. Our internationally acclaimed stylists actively engage in various aspects of the fashion and hair industry, including photo shoots, fashion shows, hair shows, award ceremonies, and celebrity styling. Following a change in ownership in 2020, is. Salon underwent a rebranding and revitalization of the salon space while maintaining our exceptional standards of service and experience.

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  • Front Desk Coordinator / Salon Receptionist

    Hourly Rate: 17-19

    Total Price: 2720-3040

    Expected Hours: 160

    is. Salon Vancouver is looking for a Front Desk Salon Coordinator to join our team! This is a part time position leading to full time. WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR: An adaptable, eager and friendly person with a minimum of two years of direct guest relations experience who is wanting to grow...

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