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At More Than a Roof, we strive to do business in a way that exemplifies excellence and is deeply respectful of relationships with each other, staff, tenants, stakeholders and all those we do business with. Our underlying mandate is to carry out our work in such a way that the world around us will take notice. This requires an approach to board business decisions, strategies and actions through the filter that puts people ahead of profits. This intentional “value-added” mindset in many ways puts the “more“ in More Than A Roof.

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  • People & Cullture Associate

    Hourly Rate: 24

    Total Price: 3840

    Expected Hours: 160

    More Than A Roof Mennonite Housing Society employs local men and women with an 'urban missionary' mindset. Our mandate to 'do life' with people brings us very close to those we intend to serve through the provision of stable, affordable housing. Creating healthy community requires care and commitmen...

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