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We create life-changing financial plans for Canadian business owners. Most of us don’t achieve our full financial potential because we’re not allocating money to the right places. We’re missing a financial plan that’s focused on delivering our most ambitious goals. The Blueprint by Ocean 6 is an all-inclusive plan to organize and clarify your financial future using innovative strategies to lower your tax bill and grow your wealth. With a clear road map to financial freedom, you can relax knowing your wealth is working for you and your future is secure.

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  • Insurance Administrator

    Hourly Rate: 24-31

    Total Price: 50000-65000

    Expected Hours: 2090

    WHO WE ARE Ocean 6 is a place where bold new ideas change the world of finance. Our team empowers successful business owners to organize and clarify their financial future. Ocean 6 is A new world of wealth®. Our firm is guided by our brand foundation: · Our Why: The value we provide makes a...

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