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Established in 1974, CMLS Financial is the leading provider of capital solutions for property owners, developers and real estate investors. The company currently has a portfolio under administration exceeding $38 billion. Some of Canada’s most prominent banks, investment managers, insurance companies and pension funds rely on CMLS Financial for a variety of critically important mortgage services. Our top priority is to help our people and our clients succeed. For more than fifty years, CMLS Financial has recognized our people to be our greatest asset. Our dedicated team of experts allow us to meet the needs of the clients we serve.

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  • Regional Sales Manager, CMLS Asset Management

    Hourly Rate: 36

    Total Price: 75000

    Expected Hours: 2083

    Regional Sales Manager Vancouver, BC or Calgary, AB Salary Range: $75,000 + (+ Commission)     CMLS Asset Management is looking for a Regional Sales Manager (Western Region) to join our growing team. CMLS Asset Management provides its investor clients with exposure to real estate d...

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