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Over 16 years in apparel production have taught me that fashion is never just about appearances. It’s about empowering self-expression and encouraging people to own their own vision of what the world can be. I’m constantly seeking new opportunities to help brands embody their vision in the face of fierce competition and exacting resource constraints, whether that means brainstorming new products, negotiating with vendors, or expanding and streamlining operations to keep pace with ambitious delivery timelines. I have managed production for everything from boutiques to globally-recognized brands. This gives me a uniquely holistic perspective on everything from routine logistical snags to higher-level competitive risks and opportunities. In addition, I balance my seasoned operational and strategic knowledge with a constant (joyful) awareness that I will never be done learning. There are always new fires to put out when you’re bringing something to market, but experience has taught me that if you treat your team members like rock stars, that’s exactly how they’ll perform. So whatever the challenge, I blend ruthless work ethic with unfailing positivity and an integrity-driven, approachable leadership style that inspires trust and commitment. My greatest strengths include: ➣ Knits, Wovens, Athletic Wear, Contemporary Wear, Intimate Apparel, Denim, Technical Garments & Outerwear ➣ Domestic & International Apparel Production & Sourcing ➣Logistics ➣ R&D and Product Development ➣ Textile & Garment Construction ➣ Wash & Garment Dye Processes ➣ Raw Materials Management & Purchasing ➣ Vendor & Supplier Relations ➣ Cost Control & Quality Assurance ➣ Leadership

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Employee California, United States

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