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I am an art director, designer, and animator currently based in Los Angeles. Since 2002, I have worked in film & television, interactive & experiential design, and advertising for a wide variety of entertainment, commercial, and educational clients. A traditional graphic design education led me into the field of motion design, where I have spent almost 20 years working with a diverse range of clients, creative studios, and collaborators. As a multi-disciplinarian, my roles have included direction, graphic design, type design, animation, cinematography, photography, editing, music and sound design – quite often a combination of these. Through all of these experiences, I’ve learned to stay humble and always try to acquire new methodologies or technical skills along the way. Never one to stick to any specific style or medium, my process usually involves a great deal of research and experimentation to flush out a meaningful concept and subsequent design that best fits the project’s creative outline. While very detail oriented, I’m constantly aware of the big picture – understanding that budgets, time constraints, and client feedback are common obstacles for every project. I also work best in environments that promote collaboration, understanding that good ideas become great ideas through feedback and teamwork from like-minded individuals. aswinehart.com

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Employee California, United States

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