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Executive Director | OperationPeaceProject

Operation Peace Project is a tribal 501c(3) that utilizes media, music, arts, events, and entertainment to bolster awareness of suicide prevention and bridge life affirming solutions.

I am a former EPC energy sector caterpillar turned humanitarian butterfly, delivering ecological economic liberation through the development of underserved communities. Specifically focused to serve veterans, elders, youth, and Native Americans in urban and rural environments.

Favorite Topics:

♻️Regenerative Agriculture🌱
Phytoremediation for environment
 + regenerative food systems
 + food sovereignty 

⚛️Regenerative Healthcare🧬
 + color tuning, radionics, sound therapies, energy medicine tech 
 + hydrogen therapy, oxygen therapy 

🙏🏼Regenerative Lifestyle🧘🏻 
 + Fasting, diet, exercise, supplements

🌱Clean Energy Tech🔆
 + Biofuel, solar, magnetic propulsion, hydrogen, algae are cool

🌿Plant Medicines🍄
 + Ayurveda, TCM, Native American Herbology

🪶Tribal Business🚀
 + Fostering entrepreneurialism to deliver community solutions internally 

Karma Yoga
Buddhist Practitioner & Meditator @The Shambhala Planetary Healing Monastery.

To keep society moving forward we have a generational challenge; not just create new jobs, but to have a renewed sense of purpose. If you respect people and give them respect then they will reciprocate that and it will reflect on the quality and consistency of product and service delivery.

My main objective is to co-create a world where developing countries and developed countries work together for the betterment of our future generations. By bridging the economic development of Native American tribes to industries, technologies, and appropriate development partners, multiple “big picture” initiatives can be driven forward in parallel harmony.

The revitalization of our ecology affords the growth of our economy. When international rural and urban communities collaborate on this measure, it guarantees the highest quality delivery of the most in demand products and services.

Look at the rhythm and order evident in the natural world around us — we are a part of it, we are not apart from it. This world can and will flourish when we integrate ecology, efficiency, and economy with humanity.

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