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As a Media Relations Consultant and Emmy Nominated Broadcast News, Sports, Entertainment and Technology Reporter and Creative Producer; my passion and abilities are not just confined to on-air stories or written words. The bread and butter of my career endeavors integrate all aspects of creative verticals that unite a targeted message for a brand, a network, a show, a channel and a nation! I provide a matrix of skills that transcend traditional barriers across Media; Network, Social, Digital, Mobile, Marketing, Public Relations and Communications! So far, I've enjoyed the experience of generating content on multiple platforms for feature films; TV News affiliates, Magazine format TV shows, Sports Networks, Newspapers, Magazines, Brands, Agencies, Campaigns and Non-Profits. My goal is to always to define a specific message, build awareness and create lasting impressions for viewers and consumers. In turn, I've accomplished this within the sectors of News, Entertainment-Pop Culture, Sports, Fashion, Beauty, Hospitality, Technology, Network Security, Health Care and everything else in between that matters!

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