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I am a professional movement-dancer, actor, art therapist and educator. Dance, Music, Education is my passion and my life. I work with arts and movement, art as education, therapy, and Performing Arts. I perform self choreographed as well other choreographers creations, give movement/dance workshops to dancers, musicians and anyone who is interest in the art of dance and movement. I am also trained in special education, ABA (applied behavioral analysis) for Autism. I trained in OC, CA and worked with special needs youths and adults. I have rich teaching, mentoring and consulting experience in the education field and PR, administration on an international level in Europe and US. In Europe I worked with various businesses and corporations working in academic development trainings (right/left brain sides), functions in various situations to improve the logical thinking and the thinking, action strategies, making decisions, social and communication skills and self-development as individuals, as well as in group constellations. As well incorporating arts, dance, movement, music into the listed above skills. My knowledge of several languages, traveling, living and studying in several European countries, experiences gave me great deal of personal growth that made my professional and personal experiences broader and useful in my work environment. I possess great communication and high professional teaching skills and I am a skilled observer. I believe it is important to bring a smile to the people’s faces I work with. I am patient and an excellent listener.

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Employee California, United States

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