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Committed to positively and collaboratively shaping the future of the library profession, I am both an information architect and a librarian. As a librarian, I deal in facilitating the information, and I thrive at the intersection of aiding others with knowledge acquisition, digestion, and dissemination. I enjoy, and I understand how to effectively guide students and researchers to connect academic knowledge to their personal and professional goals. As an information architect, I am defined by an active intellectual, technical, and cultural curiosity, I remain mindful of and concerned for the rapid changes to traditional and digital information and data flows. In this, I am passionate about facilitating human and organizational development and fostering education and learning. An ambassador for higher education, I recognize the many paths that can be taken to learn, grow, and create understanding, while intuitively plotting out innovative and practical solutions. I value teamwork, supporting my colleagues, teaching, mentoring, and leading. I know when and where to enlist practical help, build coalitions, and how to advocate for inclusion, and freedom of information. I invite you to reach out to me for special projects and to discuss how I might be able to assist your library in increasing effectiveness, inclusivity, and collaboration.

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Employee California, United States

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