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Kate Kunicky In British Columbia, Canada

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I am a multi-passionate leader. The key to my success has been authenticity paired with my vast skill set. My emotional intelligence has moulded me into an impactful leader that has the unique ability to see situations and processes from a bird’s eye view. I love helping people and all that it entails, whether that be organizing, creating, innovating business processes, coaching, and training, or taking initiative to provide solutions. As a self-motivated individual, I am always looking to identify areas of opportunity. I enjoy human interaction, but also thrive autonomously. I am an expert in communication - especially crafting emails, letters, drafts, and proposals. I also love copy editing and have the unique ability to edit and polish someone's work while maintaining their own voice and objective.I have an extensive background in all things administrative and leadershipI have an impeccable eye for detail and thoroughly enjoy getting lost in a project.I love coaching and training, as well as speaking and presenting. I am lit up by meaningful human interaction and making a positive impact on someone’s life. I love creating online course materials and presenting whether pre-recorded or live and I love the podcasting process and interviewing people.Having co-created and launched a business in 2020, Divine Tandem. I have expanded my tool belt in podcasting, blogging, personal growth and development, mindset coaching, manifestation consulting, mental health, and wellness.My goal is to keep pursuing opportunities that will support the growth of my expanding career.What can I do for you? Let’s connect @katekunicky

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Employee British Columbia, Canada

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