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A Journalist, PR professional, Corporate Content Creator & an Entrepreneur. Making The Most Of What Life Throws At Me! Writing's my passion...Reading's the love of my life. But it was how writers struggle in this country that drove me to start Creatie. Having worked as a journalist and PR professional for over 16 years, I realised that I've had enough of the corporate media situation and started freelancing as a content writer. I noticed the disparity between writers and companies in their expectations from each other. Even though I was doing well being just a freelancer, I discovered writers and companies often face a lot of problems - mainly due to the lack of organization in this industry. Contrary to how things are in the Western countries, writers in India aren't given their dues and neither do companies find the best writers when you need one. A lot of confusion and negativity fills the environment in this unorganized sector. That's when I understood what I need to do. Although there are a few agencies in this industry, I've realised that none of them have succeeded in truly satisfying both the customer and the writer. To ensure a good environment in this industry, both are undeniably important. That is how Creatie was born - out of the need to fill a gap or make up for the dearth that has unknowingly been created owing to the lack of a proper structure.



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