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I am an embedded software developer and hardware designer with 6+ years of professional experience to lead your project to the best level. I provide optimal solutions for both hardware and firmware development, also provide prototypes and the small-scale production of designed hardware. I have expertise in the development of - ► Arduino-based hardware design and firmware development. ► ESP32 and 8266 based hardware & firmware design. ► Esp32 based BLE network, mesh network, ESP NOW mesh development, ► NRF51 based BLE development, ► LORA and LORAWAN based firmware, hardware development and prototype design, ► STM32 - ARM-based firmware development & hardware design and prototype manufacturing. ► Raspberry Pi based custom MQTT web server with custom UI design ► Complete Prototype development with small-scale production capabilities. My hardware design includes a Printed circuit board design with customized requirements. I provide complete PCB layout design, prototype PCB board manufacturing, testing of PCB board with advanced tools, and on-demand I provide small-scale production of the hardware /PCB. Price will be negotiable on hardware design and development. My PCB design features include - ► Multilayer PCB design. ► Both rigid and rigid-flex design. ► Provide BOM with the most available component list. ► Provide Gerber and ECAD files for manufacturing. ► Support prototype and small-scale production (PCB). My last project is " LORAWAN BASED ENERGY METER EXTENSION", where I have to measure the Phase voltage, Line voltage, phase current, Line current, Total energy, power factor and send them to the TTN server using LORAWAN based prototype node device and Dragino gateway. The device was successfully worked and installed in the industry environment. You can see details of its working in my portfolio. My goal is to provide the best quality services at an affordable price with a reasonable timeframe. Please visit my website for more details - www.

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