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Management Information Systems Director In Budapest, Hungary

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a hard worker who is thirsty of learning modern technologies, with 20 years of experience in IT field, a very motivated working on team-based jobs, with over 6 years of experience of remote IT job (IT Supervisor) for American company

summary of skills and abilities:


Exceptionally good written and spoken English, communication, and presentation skills

Strong client-facing, consulting skills

Ability to view and reconcile issues from multiple dimensions

Time management skills, ability to meet deadlines

Ability to function in a fast-paced, flexible environment

Ability to not only adapt to change, but often be a force for positive change

Commitment to exceptional customer service and technical support

Strong communications and interpersonal skills

Ability to manage high-pressure situations professionally, calmly and with urgency

Capable of handling multiple projects simultaneously

Strong interest in the latest technology and trends

Solid work ethic and initiative

Strong documentation skills

Very detail oriented

Able to plan and effectively communicate with staff and clients



- Azure active directory

- Microsoft 365 exchange and SharePoint and public folder and shared mailbox

- supporting small or midsize network including Hyper-V or VMware on one or multiple location including nimble and other sans

- migrated over 1000 mailbox from on-premises exchange to Microsoft 365 online exchange and azure active directory

- upgrading the domain controller and eliminating old dc such as windows 2003 and windows server 2008 to 2012,2016 and 2019

- preparing site and teams on SharePoint to move data from local network to Microsoft share point and get rid of local file servers and creating the share permission and access on share point

- installing OS and reconfigure raids with Dell IDRAC and HP IELO, setting up backups and maintaining the raid

- backup the entire network using Veeam and setup Veeam service provider to be able to backup data offsite

- using RMM to control and monitor servers and clients and creating automatic heal to be able to automatically fix predicted issues and create ticket in ticket system in case the automatic heal cannot take care of the issue

- control and mage new patches and update with RMM to prevent installing patches that are recall from Microsoft after release to prevent issues for network

- managing local certificates for on-premises exchange and IIS

- setup and configure FTP and Edi connection between customer and provider

- setup surveillance camera with remote management

- backup sage and configure the clients

- backup quickbook data and maintain the patches and updates

- support Autodesk, adobe, Rhino, 3dMax …. (Engineering software’s)

- maintaining assets and licensing and provide inventory for customers

- Experience with N-able RMM and Halo PSA ticket system

- creating work flow and help the team to handle and use the system

and more.....

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