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Let me Thank all for taking time to Read about my whereabouts which has started Long time ago as a Sales Guy in a Pharmaceuticals company Located in my country INDIA, wherein I've learnt how to sale any stuff with utmost humility no matter how many times I was rejected to be accepted by the people However due to my enormous persistent mentality I've survived to become Full fledged marketing & sales professional in various filed of sales aspect.. Gradually I went on becoming a complete sales Guy in various field like FMCG, Health Care, Shopping, E-Commerce, Interior Designing, Furniture Product designing, also I was responsible to handle HNI client on behalf of few Large Financial institution Located in my city,Therefore over the last few years I've been working for few companies as a Sales & Marketing professional to accelerate their Growth prospect as well as to retain their HIGH volume customer base by providing them articulate distinct solutions with my innovative Idea's & nurturing my intellect.. Consequently I've found the so called Tele-Calling industry was about to boom on that conjecture then eventually I went on doing a Job in Hard core tele-calling which is also known as International BPO located in my City, Regardless of my knowledge & Idea I kept on pushing myself to learn that new industry norms as to how could I be successful in order to sustain in this extreme volatile nature of business. By GOD"s grace.. Tell you the Truth within very short period of time I've became most popular Caller among the people I was working with as a result of which I was promoted to Become their leader to escalate the company growth prospective as well as I've also learnt from few of senior that how to become successful Management operator by having to interact with Client directly itself.

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