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I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism with a broad background in content writing, editing and proofreading. My longer and more fulfilling experience is in business communications, producing periodicals targeted at employees of my corporate clients. At that time, I was able to develop teamwork, people management and customer service skills. Also, I had the opportunity to learn a bit about Human Resources and Marketing, since these were the teams I used to be in touch with during the work. Because of my interest in these fields, I have certificate degrees in Human Resources Strategic Management and Institutional Communication and Marketing Management. At some stage, I had to change my career directions. For six years, I worked as a proofreader, and I really excel in checking and organizing information, making texts better in cohesion and coherence. Currently, I'm a post-degree student in Business Administration at Langara College. There, I was a part-time Career Leader, the president of the Digital Media Marketing Club and a proud volunteer at the International Education Department. Content writing, editing, organizing (information, documents, photos, objects, everything) are my passions. I believe in the power of good content to engage, motivate and connect people, to make them feel essential, proud and supported - I have seen this happen many times.

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